Battery Lifespan Estimator

Use our simple battery lifespan estimator to see how long your device’s battery will either last between charges or before it needs replacement.

Devices like smartphones recharge, while others, like some remote controls, require new batteries.

Estimated Battery Lifespan: 0 Days or 0 Hours

How to Use it?

  1. Select Your Gadget

    Select your gadget from the drop-down.

  2. Enter the Battery Details

    In ‘Battery Capacity’ field, enter your device battery in mAh. If your device has a “3,000mAh” battery, just type ‘3000’.

  3. Enter the Intended Usage

    Enter the number of hours you will use your device.

  4. Press the ‘Estimate’ Button

    The tool will show you how many days and hours your battery will last.